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USDA Loan Limits California

You must have heard all the buzz about USDA home loans in California that it has no down payment, better interest rates these loans are guaranteed as they are backed by the government but you must be wondering what’s the USDA loan limits California 2018?

We have created this post that will will give you all the details about the USDA loan limits California 2018.

USDA guaranteed mortgage loans are designed to help more people so that they can have the ability to buy homes with no down payment than any other type of home loans available in California.

USDA Loan Limits California 2018

In California, not only do you have to know which counties are eligible, but you also have to keep in mind that each one of these counties has loan limits that the borrower cannot exceed.

Refer to the chart below for the 2018 USDA Loan limits.

This chart will help you find out the maximum USDA loan limits California 2018 in your area.