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Mortgage Broker California

Looking for a home loan in California? The whole mortgage process can take time and patience so it is always advised that you should always hire a mortgage broker California.

A mortgage broker not only guides you in the right direction by understanding your needs but also makes the whole process smooth which helps you in getting qualified for a home loan.

You can think of a mortgage broker as a matchmaker that connects to a lender who meets your needs.

Benefits of hiring a Mortgage Broker California

Here are several reasons why you should hire a mortgage broker California instead of going straight to a lender for your next mortgage.

  • Helps you save more money.
  • Helps you find more loan options.
  • A mortgage broker can save you time.

All the mortgage brokers under federal rules must be licensed and cannot tie their pay to the interest rate you receive from a lender.

In other words, working with a broker doesn’t ordinarily make your loan more expensive.

Just like any product or service, getting a mortgage is always a good idea that can save you lots of money. It is always advised that you should speak to a few mortgage brokers in California before picking any one so you feel confident in who you’re working with.

Remember, before committing to a loan with a banker or a broker, compare loan estimates, ask questions about any fees you don’t understand, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

I am Shawn Belknap, an experienced Mortgage Broker based in San Jose, California with over 2 decades of solid track record in the mortgage industry.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker California then I can guide you in the right direction to fulfill your dream of owning a home.

Learn more about the Mortgage Services in offer across the state of California that include:

Home Loans for bad credit history

FHA Home Loans

Jumbo Loans

Mortgage Refinance

VA Loans

Home Loans

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About San Jose Mortgage Broker

San Jose Mortgage Broker

Shawn Belknap founded ‘My Home Loan San Jose’ which  is a full service licensed San Jose based mortgage company. As a San Jose Mortgage Broker, Shawn specializes in providing San Jose and surrounding cities mortgage refinancing, home purchases, and debt consolidation home loans including, FHA home loans, and much more. From your pre-approval to your closing, Shawn assists clients throughout the entire mortgage process.

Because of Shawn’s background and track record he has close relationships with San Jose mortgage lenders and therefore has ability to work with California mortgage applicants of all credit profiles. He takes time to review each individual scenario, educate clients on credit repair and California mortgage lending guidelines to find the best solution to fit individual needs. Additionally, his commitment to quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service has allowed ‘My Home Loan San Jose’ to grow and thrive in the California mortgage market.

Shawn serves every city and county in California and believes in high standards at low rates.

Our pre-approval loan process is a free consultation.  The pre-approval interview is typically done by phone or you can simply fill in the Contact Us from and we shall get back to you shortly. 

In a short phone call, we can answer your questions and gather the necessary information regarding your credit, employment, income and assets to help determine your buying power.

About ‘Shawn Belknap’, San Jose Mortgage Broker

Broker Associate Licensed in State of CA:  |   Bureau of Real Estate:  BRE# 01175585

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System:  NMLS# 335835

North First Mortgage(Company)   |   Mortgage Broker Licensed in State of CA

Bureau of Real Estate:  BRE# 01137880 | Nationwide Multistate Licensing System:  NMLS# 348146


Your Local full service San Jose mortgage broker has an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending, from purchase to refinance throughout the California.

I have access to a full range of mortgage sources and dedicated to finding the right home loan – with the best rates, terms and costs – to meet my clients’ specific needs.

Give us a call or fill out the form on the right to get started right away  with the process. Each client has different needs and if you can tell us a bit about your goals, we can help you realize your dream.

Residential Home Loans throughout State of California

Key Points

  • Purchase with as little as 3.5% Down
  • Avoid PMI – Lender Paid MI(Mortgage Insurance) available
  • No Points No Fees Specialist | No Out of Pocket Cost Option
  • No Closing Cost Home Loan | No Closing Cost Option

Take Cash Out for: 

  • Home Improvement
  • Pay off Credit Cards
  • Eliminate PMI and FHA MI



Mortgage refinance san jose

mortgage refinance san jose

Mortgage Refinance San Jose, is a great option if you are considering lowering your monthly payments or taking cash out to make home improvements or pay off other debt.

People often consider mortgage refinancing in San Jose because they are paying more than they reasonably want to spend on their monthly mortgage payment so refinance home loan in California can lower your monthly installments and save you money.

People usually have other financial obligations they need to take care of such as credit card debt, car payments, monthly living expenses, etc.

Learn More about FHA home loan services and Jumbo Loan Services

Another common scenario is when a homeowner considers a mortgage refinance option to move from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, since this will provide stability and a monthly mortgage payment that will remain fixed throughout the loan’s remaining term; which is almost always preferable when the homeowner expects to live in the home for a long time.

Sometimes homeowners will look at a mortgage refinance San Jose option if the value of their property has significantly gone down and they now owe more on their home loan than their property is worth.

If you find yourself in any of the above mentioned situations, then you should know that the type of mortgage refinance option available to you will depend on the type of loan you currently have and what your overall goals are.

Whatever your reason for considering refinancing, I can help you get the best new mortgage refinance options:

  • Lowest Interest Rate available WITH Lender Fees
  • Lowest Interest Rate available WITHOUT Lender Fees
  • Lowest Interest Rate available WITH NO CLOSING COST

Your resource for Mortgage Refinance San Jose, California

At ‘My Home Loan San Jose’, I have access to more refinancing options because I do not work for any bank or a Lender.

I work for you and closely with you in shopping around among many banks and lenders for the best mortgage refinance San Jose options to suit your needs.

Choosing the right mortgage company will mean the difference in getting the lowest mortgage rate or costing you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

My experience and integrity has made me one of the best-rated Mortgage Brokers in San Jose, California. I am fully licensed and have been helping homeowners and future homeowners in San Jose and the surrounding cities for over 20 years find the best mortgage refinance options.

I take the time to analyze your current situation and present you with the best possible refinancing deal. Let me simplify your refinancing needs.

From start to finish, I will guide you through the complicated process of mortgage refinancing.


FHA home loans san jose

fha home loans san jose

FHA home loans San Jose are a kind of mortgage that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration.The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was formed in the year 1934 in the United States. It was originally setup to stabilize the housing industry in the country and 

However, the FHA does not make home loans directly to the borrowers. Rather, it guarantees a portion of a regular loan, in order to assure the lender that a certain portion will be paid back even if the borrower defaults. Under FHA home loans San Jose, California, borrowers pay insurance premiums that protects the lenders against defaults.

Learn More about our services for Bad Credit Mortgage in California

Because of this assurance, FHA home loans San Jose are generally less stringent than conventional mortgages. This equates to certain benefits for the borrower; such as lower down payment requirements and more lenient credit standards.

You must consider FHA home loans San Jose:

  • If you are looking for the lowest down payment option to purchase your first home.
  • If you had some bumps in your credit history so your scores are less than perfect.

You must consider FHA home loans in San Jose, California to remove such hurdles and especially if you had financial hardships in the recent years such as bankruptcy or foreclosure.

FHA home loans are designed with the first-time home buyer in mind. Minimum down payment of only 3.5% required, which can be gifted from a family member, and a minimum credit score of only 580. This coupled with no minimum income and more lenient credit requirements will open up the door to home ownership. No need to wait for everything to be just perfect.

Key points about FHA Home Loans San Jose

  • Ideal for 1st Time Home Buyer
  • Down Payment as low as 3.5% 
  • Lower Rates / Easier Qualifying
  • Low Credit Scores / Alt Credit OK
  • Gifts Allowed
  • Down Payment Assistance Allowed
  • Streamline Refinance Available
  • Higher Debt to Income Allowed
  • Co -Borrowers Allowed

Here are the basic requirements to qualify for FHA home loans San Jose:

  • Minimum 580 credit score
  • 5% down payment – which can also be gifted to you by family members
  • No Minimum income requirement is an additional benefit for the borrower

I’ve been guiding home owners in acquiring FHA home loans San Jose for the past 20 years in San Jose and other surrounding cities and I can simplify the whole mortgage process for you no matter what’s your current situation.

This is a no obligation, FREE consultation that could open the door to home ownership for you today. I am your local San Jose Mortgage Broker.